It’s not just about oil


Trinity Exploration and Production is an independent full-cycle oil and gas company with a portfolio of onshore and offshore assets in Trinidad and South Africa.

But for Trinity “it’s not just about oil”: our core values are behaviour, rigour and purpose. These values drive our strategic direction, operational decision making and HSE culture.

Trinity is changing the landscape in Trinidad: we believe that by building strong relationships with all stakeholders we can create a more efficient operating environment and in turn generate wealth for our shareholders, our employees and the country as a whole. We are committed to local content: we are managed locally, have significant Trinidadian ownership and recruit directly from the communities in which we operate.

Above all, we believe in our company. Our employees are all investors in Trinity and are motivated to contribute to its continued success.


Trinity is seeking to build Trinidad’s first independent oil and gas company of scale. With local management and material local ownership Trinity will seek to remain a significant investor in Trinidad. We will achieve this by growing reserves and production for the benefit of all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, local communities and the government.